The rock band Radiohead will perform in Tel Aviv this summer

The rock band Radiohead will perform in Tel Aviv this summer

Posted on Mar. 30, 2017, at 10:26 am

Tel Aviv is definitely a not to be missed stop for International music stars! After Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, it’s time for Radiohead, the mythic rock band, to announce their upcoming arrival to the Non Stop City. Not only will they put on a huge show, in true rock and roll style you’ll also discover that they are not doing it like anyone else.

With worldwide hits such as Creep and No Surprises, Radiohead has been worshiped by multiple generations for more than 30 years. On July 19th the British rock band will perform in front of thousands of Israelis at Hayarkon Park. It will be the 4th concert given by the band in Tel Aviv since their first successful one in 1993.

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This year Radiohead is stopping in Tel Aviv during their European Tour and they have something special to offer: unique ticket prices. Whereas the other global singers usually raise their prices for VIP and premium tickets, Radiohead decided to give the same show to all of their fans with no boundaries – it’s rock and roll first!

The Radiohead concert will take place on Wednesday, July 19th 2017 Hayarkon Park. You can book your tickets here.


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