Pastel Restaurant: when classic paints meet gourmet dishes

Pastel Restaurant: when classic paints meet gourmet dishes

Posted on Jul. 04, 2016, at 05:33 pm

This restaurant is made for the artists, for the ones who love to mix food and creativity. It received the title of The World’s Most Beautiful Restaurant and it doesn’t surprise us considering it’s incredible location: inside the Tel Aviv Museum. Pastel is the place where gastronomy meets art. To convince you, and we don’t think it will be hard to, the restaurant offers a special performance this week: dishes will replicate famous paintings of the museum.


The sumptuous “Modern” at the MOMA in New York, the delicious “Nerua” at the Gughenheim in Bilbao or even the famous “Les Ombres” at the Musée d’Orsay… gourmet restaurants with a scrumptious museum-style blend.

Tel Aviv has her stylish museum/restaurant Pastel inside the very trendy TAM. The city is very thankful for Pastel too since it finally brought back the title of “World’s Most Beautiful Restaurant” to Israel. This makes sense since art is everywhere in this place, from its refined design to its colorful savors.


This week, Hilel Tavaakuli, the chef of Pastel, decided to go big and transform famous classic paintings into gastronomic dishes. Whether it is from a portrait by Rubens or a landscape by Jan Bruehgel le Jeune, you can start by touring them in the museum and then tasting their interpretation in the restaurant. Give a second life to a painting through taste and scent.


If you want to end your dinner with a cozy savor, the bar of the Pastel, very dark and sensual, offers you the perfect atmosphere with just what you need for a chic evening. It will make you a piece of art yourself, perhaps a masterpiece if you’re lucky.



Pastel Restaurant is located in the new aisle “Herta and Paul Amir” of the Museum of Tel Aviv and offers a gourmet interpretation of some pieces of art from July 3rd to July 9th. Between 52₪ to 72₪ per dishes.

PASTEL | 27 sderot Shaul Amelekh – 03 6447441

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