#ParislovesTelAviv and vice versa

#ParislovesTelAviv and vice versa

Posted on Aug. 11, 2015, at 02:06 pm

This is the only thing people have been chatting about for the last couple of days. In two days time, Paris is going to be rocked to the rhythm of the Non Stop City, thanks to Tel Aviv sur Seine, the guest of honor of the famous Parisian summer Paris Plage. The two cities have cultivated a strong friendship over the past few years, and whether you’re in the City of Love or in the White City you’ll see for yourself how much they really look alike. Here is a guided tour of what makes them so such close siblings.

 Velib’ / Tel-o-Fun


You take it, you ride it, you leave it where you found it. The system of self-service bikes was launched in Paris in 2007, and in Tel Aviv in 2011. Grey or green, the color shade doesn’t count, but it sure is convenient and brilliant.

Periph’ / Ayalon


It’s the fastest way to go from one side town to the other, apart from the moments when it’s traffic jammed. In Tel Aviv, more than 60000 cars take the Ayalon every day; in Paris 27000 lucky ones commuters ride the Periph daily.

Beaubourg / Tam


Beaubourg Museum in Paris and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art are two must-see sites on the cultural scene that show off the artistic extent of these two cities. They’re a shot of Modern Art.

la Défense / Azrieli


They are the symbol of a economic dynamism. The Azrieli Towers and the structures from la Défense house the financial backbone of their respective metropolises every day, passing through thousands of happy workers and shoppers.

Parisian / Tel Avivi


Fashion is definitely not the same in these cities, and even if the trendiest girls will always be in Paris, we can still find some amazing fashionistas Tel Aviv. One commonality is the pure elegance of the both styles. Chanel, Dior or Hermes in Paris, Chen Weinstock or Sasson in Tel Aviv, either way, fashion doesn’t have any borders.

 Le Perchoir / Suramare


Tel Aviv is famous for its party scene. But if you’re looking for a laid back lounge on a rooftop with a real urban view, the Suramare in Tel Aviv and le Perchoir in Paris are the best venues for such practice.

Tel Aviv sur Seine / Frishman beach


This Thursday Paris and Tel Aviv will live together as one for a whole day, where culture and celebration will take place on the riverside. Don’t miss out if you’re visiting Paris. Event starts at 10:00 for a whole Tel Aviv sur Seine day in the heart of Paris.

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