The first gourmet restaurant without any menu or table!

The first gourmet restaurant without any menu or table!

Posted on Aug. 11, 2016, at 10:26 am

Things are getting pretty serious in the north of Yafo. A trendy and foodie restaurant is putting on one crazy show. Don’t look for a table or even a menu, you won’t find anything like that in this surprising venue. This is no ordinary restaurant – OCD is an old studio that looks much more like a New York City loft, nothing like you’ve ever seen before!

Inside, you will be seated with only a few others at the bar surrounding a huge and refined kitchen. All you have to do is wait for Chef Raz Rahav and his crew to board and the culinary journey will begin! Make sure not to miss the incredible view, it’s a major part of the trip, and don’t hesitate to lean over the bar to fully appreciate every sip.

עופר וקנין

Each dish (nine in total) is prepared in front of your eyes andadjusted perfectly to your size.
Before preparation, you’ll be asked for all the details about your culinary preferences and restrictions. No need to choose your nine fabulous dishes, be assured that they will all be customly prepared to your taste!

The dishes are the perfect mix between beauty and tasty, each ingredient is chosen for a reason: its flavor and its artistic behavior. Our heart first set on the grilled fish with the yozu sauce but we fell in love with the iced creme brulée. Sounds good? Well that was our meal, you’ll see what the chef creates for yours!


OCD Restaurant, 17 Tirtsa st. Tel Aviv, is open from Monday to Friday with a first service at 7PM and a second one at 9.30PM. A special menu will be designed and adjusted to your individual taste. The menu is composed of nine dishes and costs 280₪ per person. Reservation needed – 03 556 6774,

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