Norbert, when elegance meets expertise

Norbert, when elegance meets expertise

Posted on Dec. 15, 2015, at 10:13 am

“Let me confess something: I have not always been so fond of Tel Aviv and it’s ambitious lifestyle. I come from a charming small town in the north of Paris called Lamorlaye. Tel Aviv’s scenery and activities were a far cry from what was familiar to me. Before coming to live here, I had visited the the mountainous ranges in Jerusalem and the green plains of Galilee, always looking to avoid the Non Stop City.

So, what am I doing here? To be honest, making Alyah with my family made me change my mind. For my wife and my kids, I immediately understood that Tel Aviv was our logical destination. Its culture, the sea, and numerous kosher restaurants have changed my mind. Bottom line: I am delighted.

The new outlook I have on Tel Avivian life, with all of its sensorial pleasures, have also made me reconsider a career change. Whereas in France my days were spent occupied with the problems of others, I am a psychiatrist after all, I decided to focus on the other side of the coin and only help people celebrate their happiness.

And what is more beautiful than two soulmates finding each other? Don’t worry, I did not become a priest or a rabbi, but I have my own role in the planning of weddings. I’m the proud owner of my own little corner of romance and elegance.

In these places, La Villa and Bait Hayarok, I host extravagant celebrations every week. We do our best to perfect these key moments in people’s lives. I guide my team to serve with top service and style, we have a gourmet chef, a Paris-trained baker, first class amenities. The Villa and Bait Hayarok are spaces that only knows joy and want families to join in and celebrate.

It is this newfound joy that I have helped create and spread that gives special meaning to my Aliyah, and I have no doubt that my choice was a good one.”

Norbert Attali, owner and manager of wedding venues: The Villa and Bait Hayarok.

For more information you can contact him at 03-711-9000 for The Villa and at 03-711-9010 for HaBaït Hayarok


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