WARNING : Cofix announced a raise in prices starting on Sunday

WARNING : Cofix announced a raise in prices starting on Sunday

Posted on Feb. 17, 2017, at 07:00 am

[UPDATE 17.02.2017] The 5 shekels as a unique price concept lasted for a little less than 2 years at Cofix. The first network of low-cost coffee shops and supermarket of Israel just announced an increase of around 20% in all their prices starting on Sunday. The supermarkets but also the coffee places and bars are affected by this raise.


When Cofix launched their “everything for 5₪” coffee stations, we were already amazed and we thought we’ve seen it all in terms of good deals. But actually the revolution was just starting, Cofix brought the 5₪ bars and since a couple months the 5₪ supermarkets thanks to the launch of SuperCofix. In this low cost store, you can get everyday life products for only 5₪… no matter what is it! 

The first Tel Avivian store opened last June in the district of Florentine, in the south of Tel Aviv; following a great success, Supercofix keeps on expanding in the White City.


A new Supermarket opened a couple days ago in the heart of the city, a couple meters from the junction between Allenby and Rothschild and another one on Ben Yehouda street. Everything cost the same price, 5₪ for one or more pieces of each: fresh food, household products and even fruits.


For exemple a bag of 4 apples only costs… 5₪

2 bags of Bisli or Bamba… 5₪

What a great news for Tel Aviv that is known to be, since a couple years, the priciest city in Israel.


Ben Yehuda | 174 Ben Yehuda st.

Florentin | 102 Hertzl st.

Allenby | 119 Allenby st.

Yigal Alon | 159 Yigal Alon st.

Here is the live opening of the very first SuperCofix

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