Foodie delicacies you can't find in Israel delivered directly to your door

Foodie delicacies you can't find in Israel delivered directly to your door

Posted on Feb. 20, 2017, at 08:08 am

What do you usually get in your mailbox? Bills, advertising… Nothing very exciting! What if you could get some tasty news from France or a spicy invite from Italy – it’s starting to sound better already. How could it be? is the one that will satisfy your belly! The recently launched website brings typical European groceries that can’t be found in Israel, directly to you thanks to delivery!

If you think about it, the Israeli food market gives us déjà vu – for at least a couple years it hasn’t renewed its menu. Forget about Bamba, Bissli, and all the regular snacks you know, offers products you can’t find anywhere you go. Soft sandwich loaves made in France or salad dressings prepared in Italy, this startup gathers dozens of flavors and foreign brands to bring them directly into your hands.

And what about the daily fresh products? chose the best local specialists, the ones who gained their expertise and knowledge in France, and imported it here to make your life tastier. Deli meats, wines, and even 100% butter pastries just like in Paris… Want to know the difference? They deliver it – you don’t need to travel to France!


Now that your mouth is watering, we’re not going to leave you hanging! Win a basket full of delicacies from abroad, delivered to you with love by Choose your desired items for a value up to 300₪.


Congrats to Camille Eisenberg, who wins a food basket filled with the products of her choice with is an online supermarket specializing in (kosher) groceries that don’t exist in Israel. Deliveries are available in Tel Aviv and the center of Israel within 48 hours. Deliveries will be free with orders over 300₪ (instead of 400₪) until March 20th 2017.

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