Shuk Hacarmel : must see for tourists and foodistas

Shuk Hacarmel : must see for tourists and foodistas

Posted on Sep. 17, 2015, at 10:56 am

The time has come for a stroll in the outdoor market just before Shabbat arrives. The Shuk Hacarmel is a must see in Tel Aviv where Israeli fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and all types of gift kiosks are mixed up in a what one might call a  “great balagan (Hebrew loose translation for mess)” type of atmosphere. Over the past couple of years, the Shuk district got a little bit of a face-lift thanks to trendy bars and restaurants popping up everywhere near it.


At the end of the Shuk (26 Hacamel St.), the smell of fresh fish is emanating from Nissan’s small kiosk, located in the Tnuva Fish Center since 1986. You’ll find there the best fish selection, at the best prices


Tnuva Fish Center 26 HaCarmel St. | 03-510-5686

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The Shuk Hacarmel