The first molecular food place just opened in Tel Aviv

The first molecular food place just opened in Tel Aviv

Posted on Oct. 27, 2016, at 09:40 am

Disappearing transparent ravioli flavored with tea, roasted asparagus foam, smoking strawberry pie, cocktails in the shape of bubbles: this is not the menu of a futuristic sci-fi restaurant but the menu of your next meal – one you’ll never forget! Behind this tasty craziness, you’ll find On, an Israeli chef that has been hopping from one country to another: Europe, Asia or South America, exploring cuisines and cooking all over the world, in all sorts of kitchens even in Michelin starred ones. He has just returned to Tel Aviv, bringing with him all of these savory influences, in order to offer us the very first molecular food lab of the City.


Since On is one of a kind, he has opened his lab in the middle of his very own loft, which he has transformed into a gourmet FoodLab so your senses can travel with him and his cooking experiences. Only a happy few will be lucky enough to join On at his dining table, touch the uniqueness of its wood, shaped especially for the experience. Your eyes will soon adjust to the subdued light that creates the special atmosphere to enjoy his perfectly created world. But most importantly is how your taste buds will be treated by On’s obsession: making you and your tummy happy!


We know you’ll enjoy his Port, lime and Yuzu compressed watermelon accompanied by a fish ceviche or even his favorite dessert, the one that will alert all of your senses, his Flexible valrhona chocolate, dehydrated strawberries, mango foam, golden salt, white chocolate & Amarena cherries.


Want to give it a taste? Be our guests. If you want to be among the lucky ones to discover what goes on in the kitchen of this food worshipper, follow these 2 steps: The contest is now over

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Congratulations to Nathalie Franco and Margaux Stelman who both won a dinner for 2 at On’s.

Urbano Foodlab – The molecular kitchen of On, welcomes you every week to his dining room in the middle of his loft in the heart of Florentine. Book your spot by calling the 058 699 1848. In case of any food requirements, On adapts his menu in advance upon request. Follow the chef and his creations on Facebook, Instagram and on his website


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