Memorials in Tel Aviv created to remember the victims of the Holocaust

Memorials in Tel Aviv created to remember the victims of the Holocaust

Posted on Jan. 27, 2017, at 07:50 am

Today, is the day chosen by the entire world as a symbol to pay tribute and remember the victims of the Holocaust. In Tel Aviv, monuments were built in the middle of the city to remember the indescribable sufferance that stroke the jewish People and other minorities in Europe during World War II.

The Monument to the Holocaust and Revival was built with two steel interlocked triangles in the middle of Rabbin Square. It was constructed in a way that it looks like a star of David from above. The Israeli artist, Ygal Tumarkin, created it in 1974 when this place was still called Kings of Israel Square. The Memorial now has an ecological water pool on the side and symbolises life with hundreds of Israelis walking around every day.


A couple kilometers away, in Gan Meir Park, a second memorial was inaugurated 3 years ago to remember the thousands of homosexuals that have been victims of the nazis. Tel Aviv was the 5th city in the world to built such a monument, after Berlin, Amsterdam, Sydney and San Francisco. It was created by the architecte Yael Moriah, she designed a pink triangle that reminds us of the sign that nazis forced homosexuals to wear and a memorial triangle stone for people to never forget.


In order for the memory of the Holocaust victims to brighten us up for ever.

REMEMBER / יזכור.

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