Look at the Maariv Bridge highlighted in the heart of Tel Aviv

Look at the Maariv Bridge highlighted in the heart of Tel Aviv

Posted on Aug. 21, 2015, at 09:11 am

BOOOM! It’s time for a fresh start in the urban timeline of the White City. This morning, the Ma’ariv Bridge was demolished with more than 28 kilos of explosives. This change in the infrastructure is due to the construction of the subway. Follow with the Tel Avivim this important moment in the city’s timeline.

The Ma’ariv Bridge was built in 1976 and destroyed this morning at 6:20.

This bridge was supposed to be only temporary, but it ended up fitting pretty well into the urban landscape of the city. It’s destruction left the Tel Aviv residents feeling nostalgic, so they decided to give it a last minute tribute by hosting a party around its demise.


Since the police closed down the whole neighborhood, the celebrations could not continue, as they were suppose to. Hundreds of curious inhabitants came to take part in this historical moment from viewing posts set up by the city.

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An historical moment for the city