The Shuk levinsky: the tasty and spicy street of Tel Aviv

The Shuk levinsky: the tasty and spicy street of Tel Aviv

Posted on Mar. 13, 2015, at 09:31 am

After wading your way through Tel Aviv’s famous Shuk Hacarmel, the Tel Aviv Port Shuk, or the Shuk that charms all visitors in Yafo, you might just ask, ‘What? Another Shuk? Again?!’ Wandering around the rows and aisles of these bazaar-esque markets, where the fruit tastes like sheer, sweet bliss and the souvenirs encapsulate a these markets, has become a national sport. As the professionals of this sport, we’ve stumbled onto on the latest and greatest of these places. Today, we’re setting our sights on places off the beaten path, away from the mainstream gatherings, to the most hipster-like of them all, Shuk Levinsky. Shall we?



Visitors should prepare their taste buds and nasal cavities for some of the more exotic sensory experiences one can find in the region. The boutiques in Levinsky Street offer some of the best that nature’s fruits could serve on a silver platter: oriental colourful spices, scented dried flowers, and the delightful fresh olives, that even the ancient Greeks could be envious of. Visitors cannot forget to taste the grilled pistachios and crystallized fruits, both mainstay culinary attractions of this shuk.

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The best spots of Shuk Levinsky