Let's bring Dizengoff Street back to life

Let's bring Dizengoff Street back to life

Posted on Jan. 04, 2016, at 12:54 pm

The attack that occurred on Friday at the Simta Bar is still violent in our minds. This terrible ordeal induced a strong business decrease for the shops and bars of Dizengoff street. The managers decided to launch a special deal to encourage TelAvivim to start their life again and get back to their habits.

The Hashtag #DizengoffNonStop launched the operation on social networks in which the bars of Dizengoff street offer tonight starting at 6PM a buy one get one free deal on all drinks. Going out, drinking, having fun to show that Tel Aviv is alive and tell the terrorist: we will never stop living.

This is the list of the bars taking part in the deal:

Bakala | Dizengoff st. 143

Ijo and Babet | Dizengoff st. 141

Routina | Dizengoff st. 106

Pasada | Dizengoff st. 196

Concierge | Dizengoff st. 95

Room Service | Dizengoff st. 245

Dizzy Frishdon | Dizengoff st. 121

Rosa Park Bar | Dizengoff st. 265

Bar Gyora | Bar Gyora st. 4

Landwer Dizengoff | Dizengoff st. 98

Cervesa | Dizengoff st. 174

Etnachta | Dizengoff st. 190

Dailyz | Dizengoff st. 268

Tsyna | Dizengoff st. 116

Da Pepe Pizza | Dizengoff st. 334

Arla | Dizengoff st. 123

Beer Garden | Reines st. 2

Piazza | Dizengoff st. 99

Jeremyah | Dizengoff st. 306

Totuma | Dizengoff st. 265

Frishman’s | Frishman st. 39

Movieing Cafe | Dizengoff st. 308

Mate | Dizengoff st. 226

Cafe Michal | Dizengoff st. 230

Spicehaus | Dizengoff st. 117

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