Les Petites...: when Paris fashion style moves to Tel Aviv

Les Petites...: when Paris fashion style moves to Tel Aviv

Posted on Feb. 06, 2017, at 08:58 am

She’s always dressed in the finest trends when the day begins, and knows how to master the little black dress on the evenings. She’s the one you see in movies – the charming Parisian, always chic with the perfect amount of mysterious magic. She has the French sophisticated touch that makes Tel Aviv love her so much. Do you know her secret? We are going to give it away: Les Petites… This boutique came from Paris to lend its elegance for her to wear like trendy evidence.

Stepping into Les Petites… is a little bit like walking down a pedestrian street in St Germain district – everything is adorable and fashionable. On your right, a leather jacket paired with a special knitted top that will make your entire look pop. On your left, the LUX collection that lights up your style with its mix of unique materials for an eye catching luminescence and a glamorous radiance.


Les Petites… is also the brand for basics; those timeless pieces that you can wear any day and that always make you look effortlessly sleek and iconic. For example this blazer, with a very feminine/masculine shape, can make your style go from cool to you rule. And even this silk blouse, by subtly enhancing your body shape, gives you the Parisian class for a first date!


One last thing we want to tell you: the new spring/summer collection is on its way from Paris and will soon be in the boutique Les Petites… in Tel Aviv. Surprising materials, perfectly fit cuts, and a new beach collection – it’s time to devote yourself to your fashion passion thanks to the 500₪ we are giving you to spend.


Congrats to Joelle Lahmi that won 500₪ worth of shopping at the boutique Les Petites… in Tel Aviv.

The boutique Les Petites…, located on Shabazi St 42, is open Sunday to Thursday from 10AM to 7PM and on Fridays from 10AM to 2PM. Adding to its Parisian authenticity – you’ll find that all the prices are the exact same as in France.



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