Kure Boutique : welcome to the new wellness bubble of Tel Aviv

Kure Boutique : welcome to the new wellness bubble of Tel Aviv

Posted on Mar. 01, 2016, at 07:21 am

In order to forget about the stress, the craziness and to express your laziness in the Non Stop City, you can always fly to the Fiji… or you can spend your day in the new finest beauty salon in town. We gave it some thoughts and the answer was easy: flights to Fiji are quite expensive and you’d rather spend your weekend in Tel Aviv with someone you trust to take care of you and your skin. And since we want you to be happy we invite you to spend a moment in your week at the Kure Boutique, the first beauty salon with exclusive products and a real French touch.

Let’s start with your hands: the salon caries polishes from a brand called Kure Bazaar, which intersects ecological practices and Fashion Week’s trends.


Then, as you sit in a soft armchair and someone tenderly rubs your feet, you should contemplate whether you want a champagne facial or a caviar facial? Decisions, decisions! This is the first place in Tel Aviv where you can ask yourself these questions!


When you finally made up your mind, it’s time to stop thinking and let some take care of the cocooning, the treatment is on and an expert is making you and your skin happy.

Slowly your body is getting less and less tense and your problems are fading away. Was it a dream? No it was a timeless moment at the Kure Boutique that left you with a sensation of wellness and happiness.

The beauty salon Kure Boutique is located on Frishman St 15 and offers manucures, pedicures and body treatments (massage, spray tan, peelings, botox, wax…) in an outstanding French style place. From Sunday to Thursday from 9.30AM to 8PM and Friday from 9.30AM to 2.30PM. Selected products used : Kure Bazaar, Filorga, OPI, Hikari

Kure Boutique





Congrats to Nelly Roos who won a wellness moment including a 50 minutes face care treatment, a manicure and a pedicure with our partner Kure Boutique.

For all the other participants who were not drawn, you won an express face care treatment. You will receive through e-mail all the information you need to take advantage of it.



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Kure Boutique
Sunday to Thursday from 9.30AM to 8PM. Friday from 9.30AM to 2.30PM.