A chef who learnt in the finest French restaurant is behind this kosher place

A chef who learnt in the finest French restaurant is behind this kosher place

Posted on Dec. 15, 2016, at 08:38 am

Come on, come a little closer… We have a place we’ve kept secret for a while and are now ready to reveal. We are talking about the most sophisticated kosher meat place in the Non Stop City. We were so impressed that we wanted to make sure it wasn’t a lucky break. We’ve tasted it again and again and are confident this has nothing to do with chance—it’s all about know-how and experience.

Okay, so this is not technically a new place, but it is a carefully guarded Tel Avivi secret, hidden in one of the most captivating buildings in the city. We are ready to unveil to you the place our hearts set on, the place where fresh products are chosen by season, and where cooking is celebrated according to religion.


When one meets Chef Yonathan Berrebi, one understands why this is such a tasty and foodie place. It might be because this guy has as many tattoos as experiences in world famous restaurants… We don’t know, but we loved his show! After being the chef of Fauchon in Tel Aviv, Yonathan Berrebi joined Liliyot last May and has a lot of gourmet things to say. He translates his passion for the food nation into his dishes: sea bass carpaccio infused with pistachio oil and citrus sauce… Beef fillet with glazed beetroots… Or even Tortellinis cooked in lamb broth, thyme, and hibiscus… He expresses all of his love for cooking with fresh products and beautiful dressing.


And if you want to end your journey with something sweet and lovely, don’t worry, we chose something special already: this macaron filled with lemon cream and topped with homemade marshmallows… No comment, just enjoy the delicious content!


Liliyot Restaurant (Kosher), located on Dafna St. 2, is open on Sunday to Thursday from 12PM to 4PM and from 6.30PM to 11PM, on Fridays from 12PM until one hour before shabbat starts and on Saturdays from one hour after shabbat ends until 11PM.


The contest is now over.

Congrats to Sophia Lebahr who won a dinner for 2 at the Liliyot.

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