The kosher chef burgers for only 8₪ finally opened in Tel Aviv!

The kosher chef burgers for only 8₪ finally opened in Tel Aviv!

Posted on Jan. 18, 2018, at 09:29 am

Forget about your diet! 2018 is presenting a new culinary concept you’ll love. Tel Aviv is the home of 8₪ chef burgers! No mistake here, the Israeli Chef Moshik Roth just launched the very first Telavivi restaurant of his new Israeli restaurant chain Shmone, making low budget but high quality burgers. Here are all the details of what you’ll find with your 8₪ beef ‘n bun.  

The Cofix version of burgers just opened its first restaurant in Tel Aviv. Just like what happened with the coffee market, the fast food chain Shmone serves meat sandwiches for a low and unique price of 8₪. They not only serve burgers, but all kinds of sandwiches: rib, duck, chicken and even merguez! The ‘cherry on top’ is the entire menu will be kosher.

For its debut in Tel Aviv, Shmone chose a strategic location, the most gourmet street in the city, Ibn Gvirol.  Shmone won’t stop here, they are planning on launching dozens of restaurants in Tel Aviv and surrounding region.

The restaurant 8 (Shmone), located 2 Ibn Gvirol st.  is open from Sunday to Thursday from 4.30pm to 11pm. The restaurant is kosher, Tehoudat rabanut Tel Aviv. 

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