The 5th Avenue of Tel Aviv will finally get a face lift!

The 5th Avenue of Tel Aviv will finally get a face lift!

Posted on Mar. 14, 2016, at 09:30 am

We can’t go through a long time without hearing about another symbolic place in Tel Aviv being renovated. Today, we are telling you everything about the renovation of Kikar Hamedina, the equivalent of 5th Avenue in New York, concentrated in a huge roundabout. Modern towers, gardens and underground parking lots, everything will make this place look brand new!

Sure love is blind, but we might have gone too far comparing Kikar Hamedina and 5th Avenue. Come on, it’s like mixing apples and oranges! This disproportionate roundabout welcoming the world’s most luxurious brands is far from being as chic as we thought it would be.


This year, the project that will forever change the future of this place was voted on and accepted. Three skyscrapers will stand tall in the middle of this thriving area in a couple years. Finally, dozens of new apartments will open, a blessing in a city where the lack of housing gets stronger everyday.


On the ground, a beautiful garden and an underground parking were added to the construction plan. But to see the results of this historical decision, you will need to wait a few years: the renovations won’t start until 2020…

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