The renovation of Kikar Dizengoff is starting soon!

The renovation of Kikar Dizengoff is starting soon!

Posted on Oct. 18, 2016, at 10:22 pm

This is a message to all the ones that are about to get nostalgic from this ugly and dirty part of the city, that are about to regret the stairs to this square: this is going to change very soon! Yesterday, Tel Aviv announced that the destruction of the current one is about to start in a couple days and they even unveiled images of the future new Dizengoff Square. 

You’d better start taking pictures and selfies if you want to keep some memories cause after the holidays, the Dizengoff Square you know, is going to disappear to get a face lift. The police worked with the municipality and just finished the destruction plan that should take place soon.


Credit : Municipality of Tel Aviv

The municipality actually published a beautiful and promising picture of the future Dizengoff Square: flat, green, surrounded by a bike lane… you’ll probably forget the old disaster very quickly.


NB: for all the scared ones that thought that it was the end of it last February, don’t worry, be happy, the colorful, kinetic fountain of Yaakov Agam won’t move from a dime.

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