[EXCLUSIVE] Kanta : The rooftop of Tel Aviv no one knows about

[EXCLUSIVE] Kanta : The rooftop of Tel Aviv no one knows about

Posted on Aug. 27, 2015, at 10:43 am

We are really sorry for the tourists that have already headed back home, but this unique venue is totally new. Rooftop, gastronomy and live DJ : welcome to Kanta, the new place to be, read this and you will agree.

There is a high chance you’ve never heard about it. No worries ! This rooftop just opened and tries to keep its delicacies only for the insiders ! Lucky you we know all the secrets of this new hit place.
All the way up the roof of Gan Hair Mall, right next to Kikar Rabin, this restaurant looks like a New York rooftop (reminds us a little of the Suramare Bar) and offers a urban view including the municipality building !
In charge of the kitchen you’ll find a well-known chef, Yaron Malka, that shows you off a whole world of flavors in order for you to taste many savors. We specially liked the indian style bruschetta made of chicken, tehina and crystallized lemon and the marinated beef cut into fine slices that tickled our taste buds.
The only problem we could find, is actually how to get into this place ! It opens every evening at 7.30pm, to find your way to the top come over the 71 Ibn Gvirol, where the mall we talked about before is. Enter and let the music show you the path to your amazing night. Light on, rooftop and sophisticated food will charm up your evening !
Booking mandatory and only available via inbox on the Facebook Page of the Kanta. Minimum age : 25 years old.
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Rooftop Kanta
Everyday starting at 7.30pm