Justin Bieber is coming to Tel Aviv in May 2017... sorry!

Justin Bieber is coming to Tel Aviv in May 2017... sorry!

Posted on Nov. 04, 2016, at 03:09 pm

We don’t really know if it’s a good or a bad news, but it’s the one that reached the front page of every newspaper in a couple days: Justin Bieber will be in Tel Aviv in May for a concert during The Purpose Tour. Even though we are always thrilled when an international star like him choose to perform in Israel, we are a bit concerned about the craziness it may bring. 

It’s already the second concert of the Canadian singer in Tel Aviv. Just like he did for the first one, we expect him to perform at the Hayarkon Park where 50 000 fans should gather. And that’s the exact moment when we start worrying!

During his last trip to Tel Aviv in 2011, Justin Bieber booked 5 hotels in order to leave behind the paparazzi and the hysterical fans, but this was not enough! No one can leave behind real fans! especially if they are young girls… they searched for him in the entire north of the city and ended up creating a huge traffic jam! We are speechless and a bit concerned about the impact that Justin Bieber has on these teenagers. Watch this video and you’ll understand why!


[UPDATE 10.12.16 – 7 PM] This is it! The date of the concert was finally unveiled a couple days ago and it will occur on May 3rd at the Hayarkon Park. And the rest followed almost immediately; the tickets are available here since a few minutes only (if you can’t access the website, try again later, it might be crowded for the moment). Prices are going from 355₪ for the classic tickets, to 795₪ for the Golden Ring ones and 1195₪ for the VIP area ones.


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