This week the Foodie City is Honoring Italian Gastronomy

This week the Foodie City is Honoring Italian Gastronomy

Posted on Jun. 25, 2017, at 09:35 am

At the cheese stand a fellow orders a creamy Burrata from Apulia. On the left, a grandma finishes paying for some marinated artichokes and a Parmigiano straight from Reggiano. Surprisingly this little crowd isn’t gathering in Sicily or Tuscany, but it is, in fact, the Non Stop City that celebrates Italian cookery.

The foodiest spot of Tel Aviv, Delicatessen, brought for the entire week every detail that makes Italy so tasty. Gourmet tastings, Italian-born delicacies, and even tablewares dedicated to pizza and pasta (no kidding, it is a thing), you have a few days left to discover what makes Italian cuisine amazing.

Delissimo, the Italian gastronomy week will take place from June 25 to June 28th at Delicatessen. Registration for the tastings and online shopping for the exclusive Italian products can be found on the event website (Hebrew). The Bakery of Dizengoff and the ice cream shop Crème will also offer recipes from around Italy during the event.


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