Israeli Film Festival : all screenings for ₪10 only

Israeli Film Festival : all screenings for ₪10 only

Posted on Sep. 07, 2015, at 07:14 pm

For the second year in a row, Israeli movies are being celebrated all around the country. Wednesday, September 9th, 30 Israeli movies will be screened for only 10₪ each, in order for you to discover the Israeli film industry and practice your hebrew skills. And because, there is no way you can watch all of them in a day, we selected for you the ones you cannot miss.




For her first time as a director, Nathalie Portman decided to adapt a beautiful autobiography from the Israeli writer Amos Oz, A Tale of Love and Darkness. In this movie she embodies Fania, Oz’s mum,  with accuracy and a perfect hebrew.

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Where can you see it: Cinéma LevCinema cityCinema RavHenYes planet





Atomic Falafel is a crazy and sarcastic comedy which deals with the Israeli-Iranian tension in a fun and light way. The best Israeli actors and the German one from Inglorious Basterds, Alexander Fehling, are part of the casting of this zany comedy.

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Where can you see it: Cinema cityCinema RavHenYes planet



3/ 10% MY CHILD


Nico is a young creative guy but no so mature. One morning, Franny, a 7 years old, discovers him in his mother’s bed, since then their relation doesn’t start off well. This romantic comedy shows the evolution of a new generation family in a moving and tender way.

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Where can you see it: Cinema cityCinéma Lev – Yes planet





From Jerusalem to Paris with a stop in Marseille, 3 brothers are looking to discover the truth about their family. Laughing and crying are both part of the adventure of theses 3 young Israelis looking for their real identity.

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Where can you see it: Cinéma LevCinema city – Yes planet







After a terrorist attack in the center of Haifa, the kamikaze is taken to the hospital among the other wounded victims. A series of event comes one after another to show you a mix of emotions and perspectives.

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Where can you see it: Cinéma LevCinema cityCinema RavHenYes planet




*Tickets are 10₪ if you buy them in the actual cinema theaters. If you do it online they might ask you for a treatment fee of 4₪ max.

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