A Tel Avivi chef invents Instagram-friendly plates

A Tel Avivi chef invents Instagram-friendly plates

Posted on Jun. 03, 2015, at 04:18 pm

Have you noticed how impossible it is to start eating as soon as you get your dish, there is always someone to tell you “No, wait, I want to take a picture of it, looks amazing” Welcome to the new generation of foodistas! ? Well Meir Adoni, the chef of the irresistible, epicurean Catit Restaurant, understood the trend and build a concept to suit it. He just launched a project under the title Food-o-Graphy, where the plates are especially designed to optimize smartphone pictures. Instagrammers will surely be pleased by this new idea.

If you wonder how does a special Instagram plate looks like, well here is the answer !

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The Food-O-Graphy : an innovation made in Tel Aviv