In 2017 Dizengoff Square won't look like this anymore

In 2017 Dizengoff Square won't look like this anymore

Posted on Feb. 05, 2016, at 09:58 am

Sometimes we get news that makes us happier than usual. What? Are we crazy? You think it’s just some random construction in a city that changes all the time? For us, it’s much more than this. We just learned the ugliest place in Tel Aviv will soon be destroyed. For us, it’s amazing news! The Municipality just announced that in less than a year from now, a new Dizengoff Square will rise from the ground. Pedestrian or not? With parking or without? What about its famous fountain? Here are all the answers to your questions!

74 years ago, Meir Dizengoff unveiled this square, named after his wife Tzena Dizengoff, in order to honor the women of Tel Aviv. It was built in a round shape with a fountain in the middle and used to simply entertain any passer-by’s who wanted a green place to hang out in the middle of the city.


But in 1978, everything changed and the architectural disaster that we all know today happened. They decided to raise the height of it in order for cars to be able to cross and this is how the new Dizengoff Square was born, leaving behind a huge and dirty hole, quite impossible for bikes and strollers to pass through.


This might explain how we overreacted when we heard about this new Dizengoff Square, especially since it’s going to become pedestrian-friendly again! You won’t be bothered by the cars anymore and you’ll be able to enjoy a green space, similar to the first Dizengoff Square. Coffee places, boutiques and pedestrian paths will be the new daily life of this place.

In the middle of the square we’ll obviously find a fountain, maybe the existing one, the colorful treasure of Tel Aviv, the symbol of the city, the famous fountain created by Yaakov Agam.

And because we love Tel Aviv, its eclectic architecture and unique history, we are very happy to see that in the future, the city will shine with beauty!

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