Zaatar flavored chocolates bring home the crown for Ika Chocolates

Zaatar flavored chocolates bring home the crown for Ika Chocolates

Posted on Mar. 14, 2016, at 07:45 am

Every year, Ika Cohen brings back medals from Chocolate International Competitions all over the world. Thanks to her chocolate filled with Zaatar and her legendary savoir faire, the israeli queen of chocolate always brings back the crown home. If you don’t know her yet, it’s time for you to discover this first lady and her chocolate’s fantasy.

Delicacy, strength and a savoir-faire learnt in the best French schools : no doubt you’re facing Ika Cohen’s chocolates, she shapes them to her mood.


Don’t be surprised if you pass by the store and see her yourself behind the transparent walls, she’ll likely be there kneading chocolate and perfecting her art. Behind these glass walls is where the magic happens, it is the cradle of her baby, the zaatar truffle.


Her eponymous store, Ika Chocolate, has a flagship store in Yad Harutsim street in Tel Aviv, a small street, where she sells and creates all of her marvels. But with such a success she had to expend, and she just opened a store in the very trendy Shuk TsafonIf, like the judges in the world you want to be blown away by sensational and original chocolate, come by and check out her award winning creations!

FLAVORS : caramel with salted butter, ginger, almond paste, praline, lavender and plenty of other surprising blends.

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