If you ride a bike in Tel Aviv, watch out for the police!

If you ride a bike in Tel Aviv, watch out for the police!

Posted on May. 02, 2016, at 11:01 am

May is here and it’s time to hope back on your bike! Really? Well we recommend that you pay attention to this, cause the bikers are the new catch of the Tel Avivian police. The new law was approved a couple months ago and started to be enforced yesterday. Bicycles, electric or not, are not allowed to ride on the sidewalk anymore, if caught they will receive a 250₪ ticket. 

Even though the law was implemented a long time ago, it was never applied before, but the beginning of May is calling up for some changes. After warning the population via a strong media campaign on social media and on the streets of Tel Aviv, the White City decided to be more harsh with the bikers riding out of the bike lanes.


The police also decided to fine the bikers riding with their phone in hands or running a red light, the ticket will now cost you 100₪ for this. Young citizens under 16 ridding an electric bike will be prevent from using it since it’s forbidden under this age, and their battery will be confiscated from them.


The law is implemented to protect the citizens of Tel Aviv, in 2015, 4 people died and 480 were wounded in bike accidents.

To sum up the situation: in order to ride a bike in Tel Aviv without paying a fine, you can either use the 130km long bike lanes that were built by the city these past year, or you can walk! 

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