iBox: the first weapon against BDS will be launched by a Tel Avivian startup!

iBox: the first weapon against BDS will be launched by a Tel Avivian startup!

Posted on Jun. 14, 2016, at 09:00 am

UPDATE | MAZAL TOV to iBox which met its goal of $55,000 pre orders on the participatory funding platform Kickstarter. Regarding the contest we launched last week, we carried out the draw this morning and are pleased to offer to Jerome Conscience the first  iBox to be sent around the world starting in October.


If you have not pre-ordered your iBox yet, please do so from now until Thursday via the Kickstarter platform to support the Israeli economy and effectively counter BDS!


“Boycott Israel! Boycott Israel…” Aren’t you tired of hearing these words and feeling powerless? Well we’ve found a solution for you: the iBox! This 100% Israeli box created by a Tel Avivian startup is planning to counter the BDS movement. How can you participate in this project and support the Israeli economy? It’s just one click away from you.  Scroll down, we’ll tell you all about it.

The BDS pressuring stores and supermarkets all over the world to boycott Israeli products is old news. In order to stop this movement, this Tel Avivian startup launched the perfect project that is both direct and effective to make you feel involved by supporting the Israeli economy, with no third-party intervention. They created the iBox, a box filled with products made in Israel only, that you can order and receive every two or three months. It will be delivered directly to your door in North America, Europe and Israel. In the near future, it will be available worldwide.

The box contains a selection of products made 100% in Israel and created to stimulate your five senses (wine, music, organic soap… all the contents are Kosher). For only $55 a box, you’ll get at least five Israel-made products with a higher value than the price of the box itself. iBox is available for pre-orders under the participatory funding plateform Kickstarter, until Thursday.
Grande-article-iboxYou no longer need to rely on anyone else to take advantage of the best of Israel, daily! In the mean time, step up against BDS and its followers!

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