How to rock your photos of Tel Aviv with a smartphone?

How to rock your photos of Tel Aviv with a smartphone?

Posted on Feb. 28, 2016, at 09:46 am

You have this feeling inside, it’s something very hard to hide and you know that your phone really wants it too: you both die to take amazing pictures of the Non Stop City. In the meantime, when you realize the ridiculously small amount of likes you get, you start to wonder: is it the city that is becoming uglier or am I just a bad photographer? And since we can’t let anyone say anything about the White City and its beauty and since we know you’ve have a great amount of technologies and millions of pixels in your pocket, we start to think that the problem could come… from you…!


In order to solve this terrible problem and give you the opportunity to capture the sweet light of the Non Stop City, we found you a free workshop to learn how to use your phone like a professional photographer. It’s happening of Wednesday evening at 7PM in the heart of Tel Aviv.

To register and get all the info, click here (don’t forget the most important, it’s F-R-E-E)

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