H&M home is opening in a couple weeks in the heart of Tel Aviv!

H&M home is opening in a couple weeks in the heart of Tel Aviv!

Posted on Nov. 29, 2016, at 10:44 am

[UPDATE 16.03.17] As announced a couple weeks ago, the first H&M Home of Israel just opened in the heart of Azrieli Mall. During the inauguration ceremony, a Mezuza was hanged at the entrance of the store.

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It’s official and it’s coming up for the first time in Israel! H&M Home is opening in a couple weeks its very first store in Tel Aviv. The Swedish fashion star of low prices is extending on the Israeli market with a store entirely dedicated to home accessories.

The opening, scheduled in two months, will happen in Azrieli Mall where H&M already has a women fashion store. This is a real change in the brand’s strategy on the Israeli market.

produitsThe brand also planned to open in a couple months a COS store. COS, H&M’s high-end fashion label, will open in the soon to be Gindi Fashion Mall.


We are following all of these information for you and will keep you updated on the actual openings. All of these brands will exclusively be in Tel Aviv for the moment.

Source/ Yedioth Aharonot

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