[HAPPY20K] Take over Happy in Tel Aviv for a day

[HAPPY20K] Take over Happy in Tel Aviv for a day

Posted on May. 19, 2016, at 10:48 am

This is it!  We made it to 20,000 Facebook fans! Can you imagine that only two years ago we didn’t even know each other? We thought about a couple things to do to celebrate and tell you how much we care, we thought about a beautiful picture saying THANK YOU, but we don’t think it’s enough for you, you deserve something special. What about you get a chance to take over Happy in Tel Aviv for a whole day? Live the dream, private parties, food tastings and of course sharing it with our 20,000 fans, well one of you will be part of this amazing experience. One of you will become our official blogger for a day.


We know you’ve always dreamt about it. Well it might happen to you, and it’s quite simple to try your luck on this one. We will choose the winner from the comments and like on our Facebook Page. How to do it? Tell us why you should be our official blogger by commenting the Facebook post linked to this article. To validate your participation, don’t forget to also like the post. Click here to access it. You have until May 22 to prove us we should choose you to join us for a whole Happy in Tel Aviv day.


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