A new Gourmet Shuk opened in the North of Tel Aviv

A new Gourmet Shuk opened in the North of Tel Aviv

Posted on Jan. 21, 2016, at 05:15 pm

For more than 20 years, Shuk Hacarmel was the only shuk in Tel Aviv. Recently the shuk monopoly has been shaken, and now there are plenty of options to stock up on green essentials. This week we’re welcoming Shuk Tsafon to the club, it brings to the table a new crop of fresh produce and amazing chefs. Follow along to discover this new Mediterranean paradise!


Celebrity chef and business mogul, Michal Ansky, is the mother of this baby. This is the second indoor market she is opening, following her first success, the Shuk Hanamal. This shuk will have a slightly cosmopolitan feel and will feature food from all over the world.


For the Mediterranean side, she asked Pronto, one of the best Italian restaurants in town, to be in charge. The chef, David Fraenkel, worked on special pizzas and pastas, some that feature new (and secret!) ingredients. His stall will be called ‘Kiosko‘ and will serve gastronomic – yet accessible priced – food.

For an exotic touch, let’s visit Asia with Chef Yuval ben Neriah’s stall. The famous Tel Aviv chef is well known for his world-class restaurant, Taizu. At the Shuk Tsafon, he will launch Miazaki, where you’ll be able to try some Asian dishes such as Ramen or Fire Kitchen with some gourmet twists.


And because a shuk wouldn’t be a shuk with out its freshly-squeezed juice stand, Michal Ansky decided to surprise us with a brand new system. The kiosk ‘Jusso’ brilliantly combines two concepts that Israelis hold dear: nutrition and high tech. The kiosk’s machines use a new hydraulic system that will allow juices to better preserve their vitamins and nutrients, even the bottles have a high tech design!1173097_1733003723652913_1459814177_n

Don’t miss that all the kiosks in the Shuk Tsafon will create their recipes from fresh products that you will be able to by directly in the Shuk.

To conclude, you probably understood that this trend is not coming to an end anytime soon. Keep ‘em coming!

Shuk Tsafon | 20 Raul Wallenberg st.

Sunday to Thursday 9AM to 12PM
Friday 7AM to 12PM
Saturday 8AM to 12PM

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Shuk Tsafon
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