A gourmet restaurant is opening in June on Frishman Beach

A gourmet restaurant is opening in June on Frishman Beach

Posted on May. 19, 2016, at 10:14 am

The dream will finally become true… One of the greatest Israeli Chef, Omer Miller, just announced the opening of Calipso.tlv, his new restaurant on Frishman Beach. Just in case you did not understand, we’ll make it clear: a gourmet restaurant will open directly on one of the most popular beaches of Tel Aviv. Here are all the details of this new place everyone was waiting for. 

A year after closing is former and famous restaurant “Hachoulhan”, a 4 year long success on Rothschild Boulevard and a couple months after launching Susu & sons, is burger bar concept, Omer Miller announced the opening of his new restaurant in a couple days. One thing we already know is that you can forget about your cold schnitzel and your so called salads for unbelievable prices, cause a real restaurant is finally coming up to the hood.


credit | Beni Gam Zo Letova

More than 100 seats will be open directly on the beach for you to savor a delicious meal while between two swimming. Omer Miller thought about everything to match your summery and beachy mood.

The Israeli Chef joint forces with leading figures of the Tel Avivan’s NightLife (owners of the Cat&Dog for exemple) to offer us some amazing Food&Drink&More!

You just have a couple more days to wait before getting a real foodie moment while enjoying the beach and its vibe.

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