The most fascinating offices in the world

The most fascinating offices in the world

Posted on Nov. 23, 2015, at 06:58 am

Thanks to the much appreciated help of our previously introduced informer, we will share with you all the secrets of the Israeli offices of the most famous search engine coming out of the Silicon Valley.

Designed by Israeli and international architects, the offices of Google in Tel Aviv take up eight floors for a total space of 8000 square meters, in the Electra Tower.


With a breath taking and panoramic view on the whole White City, Google’s offices are not only the epitome of a dream working place, they also have 50 per cent of their space dedicated to meetings and business and idea exchanges between Googlers (the name given to Google’s employees).

Each floor was designed by the Googlers themselves, and represent a region of Israel, a way to illustrate the diversity of the Startup Nation. The  Neve Tzedek neighborhood scene, first pioneers’ kibbutzes or the narrow cobblestone streets of Jerusalem welcome every day more than 300 employees to work at their desks.

For lunch, Googlers have the option between three restaurants: meat (kosher), dairy one (kosher) or a non-kosher choice for a delightful work break, always with this breathtaking Tel Avivian view (we saw, we tasted, and we loved it).


A gym workout facility, slides and surfboards as meeting tables, these are the other unique ideas which easily label Google Tel Aviv’s offices as the coolest working space in the whole world, not just Tel Aviv.

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