EXCLUSIVE: Images of the first Tel Aviv mall entirely dedicated to fashion

EXCLUSIVE: Images of the first Tel Aviv mall entirely dedicated to fashion

Posted on Mar. 14, 2017, at 08:11 am

It is the most ambitious project of recent years in Tel Aviv: Gindi Fashion Mall, the temple of fashion in the heart of the White City, is about to open its doors. But instead of waiting to have public access, we sneaked in to reveal the first images to you exclusively. 

On March 23, Gindi Fashion Mall, the first fashion center in Tel Aviv, will open its doors to the public. As promised, international brands will make themselves known as a place of necessary passage for the fashionistas of the city.


Not only will H&M and Zara open their respective flagship stores at Gindi, but even more importantly, COS will launch its very first store in Israel. Lacoste and the french luxury brand, Longchamps, will also be present.


In the beauty sector, Dior Cosmetics will make a sensation by inaugurating its first shop in Israel, right in the heart of this commercial center. MAC, Kiehls, and Clinique will also open stores here.


In addition to fashion, the mall will host a country club, lending itself to become an important sports venue! Foot Locker has jumped on this opportunity to reach sports fans and will open its first-ever store in Israel.

Foot Locker

Manor Gindi, the man behind this project, ensures that the project is turning the fashion market in Israel on and that other brands will launch in the weeks following the grand opening. 


Gindi Fashion Mall, located at 94 Hashamonaim st., is open Sunday to Thursday from 9.30AM to 11PM, on Fridays from 9AM to 3PM and on Saturdays from 30 minutes after shabbat ends to 11.30PM.

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