Enjoy a free day at the pool this summer with these simple steps

Enjoy a free day at the pool this summer with these simple steps

Posted on Jul. 25, 2016, at 09:20 am

The temperature outside is 42 degrees but it feels like 21 in the water…how refreshing! This summer, you’re invited to take a break from being sticky and sandy at the beach and instead, to take a dip in one of the 7 municipal swimming pools in Tel Aviv for free. Yes, we are talking to you, on the one condition that you followed our advice and asked for a Digitel card.

You know the card, special for Tel Avivis, that pampers you all year with gifts that tourists wish they could snatch out of your hands. Outdoor movies, free concert entry and rooftop yoga sessions: these are the kinds of fun-filled activities that await you. But enough with all these rules, the pool is calling!

Gordon swimming pool is one of the participating institutions – Photo by Alan Kotok

Between July 27th and August 31st, enjoy free entry with your Digitel card into one of the seven municipal pools in Tel Aviv. For more information on obtaining this card, click here. Lists of participating pools:

Gordon Pool | 14 Eliezer Peri St – Site internet

Country Club Lamed | 31 Yehuda Burla St. – Site internet

Country Club GuimelYekhi’el Dov Drezner St – 03-641-8262

Country Club Goren Goldstein | 7 Amikan St – Site internet

Ramat Aviv Pool | 7 Chaim Levanon St – Site internet

Beit Barbour Pool | 135 Hagana Road – 03-7391440

Neve Golan Pool | 41 Sderot Habesht – 03-507-1111

Neve Ofar Pool | 35 Zalman Shazar St – 03-6824293

Beit Dani Pool | 4 Simtat Kabir StSite internet


Be sure to check the days and hours of these establishments before you go.

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