The first Tel Aviv guided tour dedicated to Lifestyle

The first Tel Aviv guided tour dedicated to Lifestyle

Posted on Aug. 02, 2015, at 01:10 pm

20 minutes on one side, 20 minutes on the other one; sure, your tanning routine is working perfectly this year, but what about adding to your holidays a really different experience? It’s been a year in which we’ve shown you another side of Tel Aviv (and we are kind of concerned that your skin might be drying out during the summer). So, we worked out a guided tour that will give a new dynamic to your summer vacation. Follow the guide, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

“Oh my god! I would love to be there…”

“Next time I’m in Tel Aviv, I’m definitely going there!”

How many times have you told yourself that this year, while looking at our daily posts passing through on your Facebook page? Now that you’re in the same place than us, dealing with the summer heat and the humidity, we suggest you follow us in our conquest of Tel Aviv’s best spots, and believe us, there are a lot of them.

Every week during August, two tours will be available, with a series of programs, gastronomic break (special Kosher tours can be requested), and historic tours of the Non Stop City.


If you want to enter behind the scenes of Happy in Tel Aviv and take advantage of the best of lifestyle options in the White City, book now your Happy Tour by clicking here.

Only 6 spots available for each Happy Tour.

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