[EXCLUSIVE] We tasted Burger King before the opening!

[EXCLUSIVE] We tasted Burger King before the opening!

Posted on Feb. 01, 2016, at 09:49 am

Since a couple days, some happy few were invited to taste before the crowd the very expected Burger King of Tel Aviv. We got an invite, and obviously we couldn’t resist to grab a bite. We stuffed ourselves yesterday for lunch and discovered the new joint of the king of American burgers. Here is our feedback for you to know what to expect a couple hours before tonight’s grand opening at 7PM.

Posters are all over town and the new king of Israel was already picked among dozens of pretenders. Since a couple weeks, the media campaign is in full swing to announce the come back of Burger King in Israel.


The King of Whopper actually invested a lot of money on the Israeli market. He decided to go big on this re-opening a couple years after the king was deprived, and we have to congratulate him for the WOW effect. The first restaurant to open in Israel, today at 7PM on Ibn Givrol St 74, surprised us with its wooden and refined design that gives a very clean sensation (and some other fast food chains could think about it…)


This restaurant was built a couple weeks ago, replacing an AM:PM (we know you already forgot about it) and shelters an American Diner style for you to feel the complete US experience, it’s lovely and tasty.


Concerning the menu, no worries all of the classics are in: whopper, steak house or even onion rings will take you back in time when Burger King was already in Israel a couple years ago. We had our heart set on the Crispy Chicken burger: the best crunchy moment on the market twisted with a little spicy sauce that makes it delicious and uncommon, yummy!


The promise we heard about a brand new restaurant with standards as high as the other kings of the world was kept! Good luck for your come back dear king of burgers, your people shalt come and taste your delicacies today starting at 7PM. And for the real fans, the king will be presented to the world (at least to the people on Ibn Gvirol) at 7PM in a parade with his entourage.


And for the one that still wonder, if it’s kosher or not Kosher, well the King is coming back to Tel Aviv without a Teoudat Cashrout. Now you know everything about the King.

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Sneak peek of the first Burger King of Israel