[EXCLUSIVE] Burger King is back in Tel Aviv

[EXCLUSIVE] Burger King is back in Tel Aviv

Posted on Apr. 25, 2016, at 08:00 am

UPDATE [18.05.2016] | Welcome to the new born in Burger King Tel Aviv: the Veggie Burger. It is made with fried veggie steaks displayed in a long and crunchy sandwich with a bread that looks and tastes a little bit like a baguette. If you are not a big meat or chicken person, this is the best way to keep on enjoying Burger King.


UPDATE [25.04.2016] | And… the dream came true, Burger King made it! During Passover, the Kosher branches of the american chain ( created a special menu! All their food is 100% Kosher for Passover. The Whopper King invented an innovative recipe to offer burgers made with kosher for passover bread, you barely see and taste the difference! For you to enjoy it fully during Hol Amoed, here is the adresses and the opening hours. 

Dizengoff Center
From Sunday, April 24th to Wednesday, April 27th from 10AM to 11PM
Thursday, April 28th from 10AM to 3PM

Azrieli Center
From Sunday, April 24th to Tuesday, April 26th from 10AM to 11.30PM
Wednesday, April 27th from 10AM to 11PM
Thursday, April 28th from 10AM to 3PM

UPDATE [12.04.2016] | If you wear one of these costumes, the King of Whoper will offer you a Hamburger. This is the new crazy advertisement campaign of Burger King Israel that opens a new restaurant in the Azrieli Towers today. The chain has now two kosher branches in Tel Aviv since they opened one in the Dizengoff Center a couple days ago. If you’re not afraid of being ridiculous and want a free burger, click here


UPDATE [08.04.2016] | The first kosher Burger King opened yesterday inside the Dizengoff Center. In order to find it (which is not always easy in the Center) just get to Building A, on the first floor, next to Holmes Place Gym. Another kosher restaurant will open in the next days in the Azieli Mall. Enjoy yourself!


ARTICLE [18.11.15] ֿLast June we took great pleasure in being the first to announce that the kingdom of the American burgers was coming back— to Israel! The first Burger King will be opening in the heart of Tel Aviv on February 1st at 7pm.

This time its confirmed: after an absence of 16 years, the king of onion rings will finally be opening a locale near Kikar Rabin. It will be replacing an old AM:PM on Ibn Gvirol 74. We finally have an actual opening date, the wait is over… on February 1st at 7pm!


Interestingly enough, it will be only a few meters away from the burger legend La Brasserie, which is supremely popular because it flips lean beef patties 24/7.


It is expected that in the next 5 years, over 50 new Burger Kings will open in Israel, which will cost an estimated 12 million shekels. The spectacular return of the fast food joint to Israel is happening thanks to the French-Israeli businessman Pierre Besnainou, who bought the the Israeli franchise from the brand.

WhopperThe work is almost done, and so is your wait! Just a couple days left before February 1st at 7pm

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