EXCLUSIVE - Ladurée is opening in Tel Aviv

EXCLUSIVE - Ladurée is opening in Tel Aviv

Posted on Oct. 14, 2015, at 04:02 pm

The Holy Land is about to receive its biggest blessing from France: Ladurée, the French maker of the macarons, is opening its first shop in Tel Aviv! Gone are the days when Israelis needed to beg their traveling friends to bring back a pastel box of sweet goodness.

Tel Aviv is becoming a stronger and stronger magnet for international brands. Right before Fashion Week’s debut, the French group Holder announced that it would be bringing one of its most famous brands. Fine shopping and fine snacking will be paired together when the pastry giant opens its store in the new Fashion mall of Tel Aviv in March 2016.

David Holder (president of Ladurée) put the cherry on top of the announcement: “in order to celebrate the opening on the first Ladurée in Israel, our chefs worked on an exclusive menu, that will only be offered in Tel Aviv”.

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