EUROVISION 2016: the pre-Launch Party took place in Tel Aviv

EUROVISION 2016: the pre-Launch Party took place in Tel Aviv

Posted on Apr. 13, 2016, at 11:32 am

We met 12 candidates from the Eurovision, that came to Tel Aviv in order to promote their own songs. They were invited by Israel Calling, a pre-Eurovision Party organized in a couple cities in the world. Every year, some cities are selected to promote this huge competition and this year Tel Aviv was part of the happy few, a chance for us to meet some of the candidates, with a focus on the one that attracts all of the spotlights, the french candidate, Amir Haddad.


Amir is a French Israeli singer representing France for this year’s competition and obviously all lights are on him since France choose, daringly, an Israeli singer.

From Paris to Tel Aviv, Amir told us how happy he was anytime he comes back to his home country and especially this time, to give an exclusive concert with a dozen of other candidates. And since Amir knows that between France and Israel our heart balances, he offered us a private a cappella moment in both languages.


The 12 candidates invited by the Israeli Ministry of tourism gave a one of a heck concert yesterday! But better than words we offer you a few images of this amazing moment.


12 candidates eurovision 2016

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