English/Hebrew guide for Butcher's cuts

English/Hebrew guide for Butcher's cuts

Posted on Feb. 19, 2016, at 10:04 am

Chuck Eye, Upper Blade Roast or Sirloin, even in english it’s a nightmare so when you are supposed to explain it in hebrew to a butcher… you might want to give up! In the meantime you are looking for authentic experiences and what is more authentic than buying meat freshly cut in the Shuk Hacarmel? In order for you to feel like a real meat expert and not end up with the wrong cut, here is a dictionary English-Hebrew about beef cuts, in the Israeli way! A very useful and gourmet translation offered by the Reverso App!


1. Rib eye [a.n.e.t.r.i.k.o.t.e] אנטריקוט

Usage: commonly steak

2. Chuck-Eye  [t.s.l.a.o.t.e ; o.r.e.f] צלעות עורף

Usage: Stew and ground beef

3. Brisket [kh.a.z.é] חזה

Usage: corned beef, stew …

4. Shoulder roast [k.a.t.e.f  ;  m.e.r.k.a.z.i] כתף מרכזי

Usage: pot roast, stew …

5. Upper Blade Roast [t.z.l.i  ;  c.a.t.e.f] צלי כתף

Usage: Stew, sauce, grill…

6. Chuck Tender [f.i.l.e.t  ;  m.e.d.o.u.m.é] פילה מדומה

Usage: roast, steak or slow cooked

8. Shank [o.s.o.b.o.k.o] אוסובוקו

Usage: stew or soupe 

9. Short ribs [ch.p.o.n.d.e.r.a] שפונדרה

Usage: slow-cooked – braised, roasted, smoked or grilled

10. Neck [t.s.a.v.a.r] צוואר

Usage: stew or grounded

11. Sirloin [s.i.n.e.t.a] סינטה

Usage: grilled, pan-fried

12. Tenderloin [f.i.l.é] פילה

Usage : tenderest part of the beef, roast, steak, steak tartar or carpaccio

13. Rump Roast [c.h.e.y.t.e.l] שייטל

Usage: roast, pan frie, braise or stew

14. Sirloin Tip [e.g.o.z] אגוז

Usage: roast, stew or kebab

15. Bottom Round Roast [t.ch.a.k] צ’אק

Usage : braised, stew, soup, slow-cooked

16. Top Round ou Inside Round- [k.a.f] כף

Usage: quick roast, schnitzel 

17. Flank [f.a.l.d.a] פלדה

Usage: Slow-cooked, kebab, sausage 

18. Heel [ch.r.i.r  ;  a.h.o.r.i] שריר אחורי

Usage: Ossobuko, slow-cooked

19. Eye Round Roast [w.e.i.s.b.r.a.t.e.n] ויסבראטן

Usage: stuffed, wrapped

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