Eagles of Death Metal will perform in Tel Aviv

Eagles of Death Metal will perform in Tel Aviv

Posted on Apr. 19, 2016, at 10:18 am

In a couple months, a very symbolic concert will happen in Tel Aviv. Almost a year after the terror attacks that occurred in Paris, The Eagles of Death Metal will come back to Israel for a new concert. In November, their show at the Bataclan was the biggest target of the November Paris attacks.

Nothing worked in order to prevent them from coming to perform in Israel, even though they received both ways hatred messages, terrorist threats and boycott encouragements. They already gave a concert in Tel Aviv last summer and already faced this kind of troubles. At this time, Jesse Hughes, the lead singer of the group already answered the BDS in a very direct way (cf video below)



They promised to come back, and they will keep up their word! The Eagles of Death Metal will perform at the Hangar 11 in the port of Tel Aviv on September 5th. Whether you are a fan of metal or not, coming to this concert is a way to support a groupe that chose music in front of all the terrorist threats. Congratulations to them.

Tickets are available for 199₪ – Book here

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