Douglas, from dreaming it to living it

Douglas, from dreaming it to living it

Posted on Aug. 18, 2015, at 09:11 am

You must be wondering “what is he doing wearing a white coat and sitting next to a massage table on the seaside in Tel Aviv?” To be honest, a couple of years ago, I would have asked myself the same question.

When I was in my Parisian everyday life, studying economics, I was far from thinking of myself in this position. But I’ve always kept in my mind a desire of working in healthcare, and  in the meantime I discovered the real Tel Aviv two years ago, and I couldn’t resists its charm.

Tel Aviv carries my project with its energy and its open-mindedness. Obviously, you’ll never see me on the beach massaging people, but in my practice to relieve and help. As a matter of fact, osteopathy is part of my life and made me realize my dream job. Everyone knows that Israelis love alternative medicine and osteopathy is a new one in the country. I want to take up the challenge of spreading this technique, as a reference to relieve the body and its muscular problems.

When I see the results and the well-being that it can bring daily, I know there is something big and helpful behind it.

Do you now understand the white coat and the massage table? It’s the story of a Parisian student that ended up being an Israeli osteopath. As a Tel Avivi, I live my passion daily.

Douglas Ayache | Osteopath in Tel Aviv

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