On April 11th 1909, Tel Aviv was born

On April 11th 1909, Tel Aviv was born

Posted on Jun. 06, 2015, at 05:43 pm

Everything started on the (future) Rothschild Boulevard. By then, it was just a big amount of sand and dozens of jewish entrepreneurs gathered in 1909 to create the first “Startup” of Israel. “Start from nothing to build a revolution” this is exactly where the name Start Up city comes from.

In 1909, 66 Jewish families decided to found Tel Aviv as the first modern Hebrew city, the Big Apple of the Middle East.

About 100 people participate in a lottery to divide a 12-acre plot of sand dunes, that would later become the city of Tel Aviv, 1909

This ambitious project started with a lottery on the exact sand dunes (see picture) where Rothschild meets Herzl. The gathering was originally organized by Arieh Akiva Weiss, a young entrepreneur whom wanted to settle the empty piece of land, a metropolis that later transformed into one of the world’s most liberal and progressive cities in Tel Aviv.

Rothschild Boulevard, Herzl Street and Allenby Street are symbolic arteries that were born on this exact day.


Just like the original settlers, with limited resources and ingenuity, planted the seeds for what would eventually become a metropolis, so do the startups that have helped create a smarter city. The resourcefulness trait is something ingrained into the culture of the city.


Nowadays, the city keeps on developing itself with incredibly innovative ideas, something spawned from by its founding fathers over a century ago. This heritage is instilled into startups, of which the numbers are growing by the dozens in the concrete innovation jungle that is Tel Aviv.

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