Den, talent finder

Den, talent finder

Posted on May. 29, 2015, at 12:12 pm

“I need to tell you something. Tel Aviv is a city of lunatics! Creative and artistic lunatics that found this place as a sanctuary to express their craziness freely. I was born in Belgium, in Anvers exactly and I lived in Paris for a few years, but when I moved to the White City, I knew from the very beginning that this imperfect and full of inconsistencies city would be the best place for me to express my passion for bargain hunting.”

I opened my store, Pop – Up TLV, a year and a half ago, and between us, it was supposed to be only for a couple months. A couple months later, it turned into a real eclectic embassy in the middle of my favorite district: Neve Tsedek. I sell some objets d’art that I found in Israel and all over the world.

It’s not only about the objects that I sell; my store is a unique meeting point in Tel Aviv. Come over here for a couple minutes and you are sure to meet artists, philosophers or even entrepreneurs that make this place so alive.

It’s also in this place that I like to help French or Belgian artists that have just moved to Israel, their head and spirit full of dreams. In the district, people say that my shop is a talent nest.

Did I tell you that I also decorate apartments in which I create an artistic universe linked to their personality? This is another story I would love to tell you about.

Whatever, don’t ever forget this reality: in Tel Aviv, craziness is all over the place. Catch it up, it’s a chance to live here”

Den Baumgarten | Art and Fashion consultant.

Meet Den in her store, Pop-Up TLV, 1 Lilienblum Street, Neve Tzedek. Contact her at 054 440 3611.

Faces in Tel Aviv” is made in Collaboration with David Goldstein Photography

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Faces in Tel Aviv