Dan, creating art to change the world

Dan, creating art to change the world

Posted on Dec. 22, 2015, at 10:15 am

“Much grows in the middle of a wadi, and within me, the child, a passion for the arts blossomed tremendously. It was there that I discovered wood, soil, water and all the elements that I use nowadays to express myself. They are as essential to my own environment as they are to the one of the wadi.

My evolution as an artist continued into 4 years of art education at the Midrasha at that time in Ramat Hasharon and later on, 2 more years at the famous Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. That formation and my endless desire to create have kept me working hard on a daily basis.

Why did I go through all that? Well, I truly believe that art is made to create change in the world. When people see the right art work for them, they get a lasting impression, they see that the artist managed to translate into the world something of a inner source, they are touched, and if in the right way they will be the new creators, creating something new for a new person. This is my goal, to do the most beautiful thing a human being can: inspire someone to create something new.

This is why I decided to raise urban monuments. I wanted accessibility and universality; everyone should be able to see them, always. No need for fancy dress up, no need to arrange a visit to a museum. It is what it is, in the middle of the city. My latest work “Encounter” was just unveiled in Tel Aviv; this piece was created to honour the memory of the 73 soldiers who died in a helicopters accident. It is made of two stones, one on top of the other, supporting each other, as if they had compassion for one another, water gushes out in between them as a tribute to life. My main goal is to bring my art outside of Israel and my first big project is planned for Paris, a tribute to the great artist Brancusi.

However, urban work doesn’t make me a “street-artist”. I have a place designated for my creativity to run wild; a studio of my own that I’ve had for twenty years. I wanted it to be situated in an inspiring environment, and I found the energy and vibes I was looking for down in Noga (south Tel Aviv). At the time, the place was pretty barren when I moved there; I was even advised not to. But I was overwhelmed with its potential, and apparently many likeminded people felt the same! Now, finally, Noga is thriving as a haven for artists and designers, and my premonition has been fulfilled. This is where my creations are born; like for example the dozens of bronze sculptures that I have been creating for over 15 years, each sculpture represents an insight of the creation process casted into bronze.

This studio also doubles as, literally, my second home. My main home is right upstairs, where I live with my family. Obviously, we are a family of artists. Some draw, some create clothes, each of one of them expresses his inspiration in its own unique way. I’m never far from my studio, so if you’re in the area, knock on my door or call me and I’ll show you my world.”

Dan Reisner- Sculptor, Multi-disciplinary artist.

Dan Reisner Studio, 11 Nitzana st. Jaffa

Cell: 054-6534446
email: danreisner@gmail.com
Website: www.danreisner.com
Openning hours: viewing by 


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