Cris, the hospital clown

Cris, the hospital clown

Posted on Mar. 03, 2015, at 04:23 pm

“You can’t even imagine how much I love to make them laugh, to distract them, to take them away from their everyday life.

It’s been 13 years and I’ve never gotten bored of it. I know it doesn’t strike when you first look at me but when I go to work people actually call me “doctor” Yes, you heard it right; the only doctor with a red nose, who only prescribes laughter to his patients every day.

To me, it’s a real profession. I learned it during my adventures that drove me from Toulon to Israel. I spent my youth wandering around France and Europe, and I ended up in Tel Aviv; that’s the only place that has given me the will to stay.

Fascinated by magic tricks and sleights of hand, he created attractions for youth and the adults that still had youthful spirit. I created different ones such as a flea circus that I used to carry around Israeli festivals.

What really changed my life forever is when I nearly passed away after experiencing a heart attack. Now I talk about it without difficulty and in a humorous way, but I actually started seeing life through a different perspective.

It’s been 30 years that I live here, and I always see this sunny city just like a first-time tourist.”

Cris the artist, Clown in Tel Aviv’s hospitals with the association ‘The Dream Doctor project’.

Faces in Tel Aviv” is made in Collaboration with David Goldstein Photography

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Faces in Tel Aviv