Craig David then Jennifer Lopez are coming for a concert in Tel Aviv very soon

Craig David then Jennifer Lopez are coming for a concert in Tel Aviv very soon

Posted on Feb. 02, 2016, at 09:33 am

They are coming for two different shows but announced the news in the meantime: J-Lo and Craig David are coming up to Tel Aviv in a couple months! These two stars from the last decade have a very different style but they both left a mark, in their own way, on a whole generation around the world. Their arrival will take us back a couple years ago, it’s time to feel the nostalgia!

The first one to start will be Craig David. The singer comes for a single, intimate concert on April 10th. The show will take place in the Hangar 11 of the port of Tel Aviv, the British artist decided to come for a one and only private concert, with only 2000 tickets to be sold. Click here to by yours


He explained that he wants to sing in a more intimate way, to share a special moment with his fans, especially because he didn’t get a chance to meet them since a while. Craig was born with a jewish orthodoxe dad and a mother who converted to judaism, this is why his very first concert in Israel has a special meaning for him.

In J-Lo‘s case, the story is very different. The 46 years old artist, who you can see every where on TV in the US, announced a huge concert at the Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv this upcoming summer.


The Bomba Latina will offer an amazing show, in front of dozens of thousands of Israeli fans. Be aware that the temperature might hit the highest level of the summer at the Hayarkon Park this day! The tickets and the exact date are not available yet, but stay tuned we’ll keep you updated very soon.

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