The First Shop in Tel Aviv dedicated to Churros

The First Shop in Tel Aviv dedicated to Churros

Posted on Jul. 06, 2017, at 09:47 am

You’ve heard about the churros trend, right? Well, now you can enjoy it! Hachurrosia, the new shop dedicated entirely to this Spanish specialty, just opened on the most gourmet street in Tel Aviv: Ibn Gvirol!

Do you know what they’re called in Grenada? Tejeringos! And in Sevilla they go by Masa Frita or Calentitos. In short, they’re Spanish, sweet, and they have arrived in Tel Aviv in a shop called Hachurrosia which just opened its doors on Ibn Gvirol.

With two churros in the shape of a heart placed on top Italian ice-cream decorated with colorful toppings, this tasty treat is waiting to make its home on your Instagram account (and devoured immediately)!

HaChurrosia, located at 17 Ibn Gvirol st., is open Sunday to Thursday from 5PM to 12AM, Fridays from 12PM to 4PM and on Saturdays an hour after the end of Shabbat.

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